Meanwhile, back in space, this is a comforting answer.
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Journal of Mathematical Physics, JMP, turned down my paper, but stupidly said nothing, again. I submit it to the Russian JETP.  At least JMP had the guts to acknowledge my disappointment, and invite comments. I spoke well. To say “this has not enough new physics” is totally indefensibly nuts.



Here is why PTEP stinks: “You people spent 4 days in peer review, yet your report does not talk physics or mathematics. You stink.”I spent 15 years and offer a superior take on the Kerr geometry near-field of electrons.  After a few months, I offer a cleanup of our use of the Schwarzschild metric, and further use of it in the far field.  THIS IS NOT NEW PHYSICS, it is just elucidating most usefully WHAT IS ALREADY ON THE TABLE. I do not know what to say about embedding this Schwarzschild behavior in the Robertson-Walker cosmology.
If people cannot see and agree that I have moved goalposts, then I have no interest in people. If Steve cannot psyche out what i have accomplished, he ought to go take a math analysis course. I have no further words; yesterday he asked for explanations, and I feel I’ve already said it all.