I know my brother Steve to be one of the best archive searchers around, and this is part of what I needed.  There are plenty of bright minds working with the same equation I got from Wolfram, fine. I am excited to read nobody talking about the very far-field. Do not annoy me with near-field discussions. I have nothing to offer. Lately we get data from LIGO, and with knowledge like this, are stimulated to further evidences of black holes. Fine, JUST GIVE ME OOMS!!!  Seriously,  you need to comb thru however much complication you can handle, to get a loose lower limit. On this final level, you need to be a little “sloppy”, in a sense, can you hear me?

TELL ME THERE ARE AT LEAST E9  black holes in the average galaxy, and I will be ecstatic, possibly finished. I have defined my distance unit as E4 meters, a 3-sun BH.




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