The solution matching may be as simple as the EFE’s constraining the
square of ‘S’. I’ll check. I know we arbitrarily created a usable
exterior form with a + sign. Anyone doing physics of the interior may luck out if they only deal with squares, see??? Otherwise, we are stuck pissing and moaning about signs!!! With the value of ‘S’ across the EH going thru zero to the negative
range, its inverse goes nuts.
I will be remembered as a mathematician, and I want to hear the sound of many, many pencils breaking. Once string theorists of a certain branch realized they had reached the end of useful attempts at development. Together, on the front steps of the building, they gathered and all together broke pencils. I LOVE IT.



  1. NICE ARTICLE, YES. THANKS. They say the same about time, as my text. I went around with this on a science forum, and some math head kindly shared the solution of a BH with a steady infall of growth, ahah.


  2. WE SHOULD REALIZE there is a time constant approaching the EH, and quite soon we are within ‘quantum distances’. How did Stephen Hawking treat this ???? Item on my agenda.


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