If our rough universe size is E10  light-years, and the characteristic Schwarzschild size of choice is E4 meters, then this, in light-years, is L/c x yrs/sec  or  0.3 E-4  x  1/(3 E7). Yesterday I was tired and forgot to scale the seconds into years, so another factor, the 3 E7, and the unit is E-11 light-years.  Thus the universe radius of E10 is scaled to E21.
One black hole creates additional radius according to:   S = r +1/2 log r , in the far. We can write:  S = E21 + 24, where the unit is E4 meters. [[ I am cleaning up my  units! ]] This looks like not much, but how many are there ??? If each typical galaxy has E8, and there are E12 galaxies, wow.   To Steve: “TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME… I’d guess maybe my galaxy estimate be a little high, but the number per galaxy possibly low ?????? HELP !!”  THIS FIRST BALLPARK ESTIMATE LANDS ME RIGHT THERE. If Steve shreds it down a few Ooms, it will be comfortable, AND NEWS.

I just emailed this to Burinskii, saying only “I am amazed.”





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