WHAT IS GAME ??? One sun is 3 km of Schwarz. radius. E20’s worth, haaaaa, is 3 E23 meters, which is  E7 light-years, hmmmmmmmmmmm. Not too shabby. The UNIVERSE RADIUS is about E10 light-years, eh?  COME ON, STEVE, GIVE ME SOME OOMAGE.
BATTER UP !!!!! AM I ALREADY THERE??? Integrated out to universe  R, we get more Schwarz. radii, what did I say, a million?? Ten?? NO, SORRY, I SAID maybe 30 Schw. radii. One solar mass has a Schw. radius of 3 kilometers, and I said lets use a slightly larger, handy unit of E4 meters, 3 suns. LET’S KEEP OUR UNITS OF LIGHT-YEARS, and note light moves in one second 3 x E8 meters. In a year are 3.6 x 2.4 x 3.65 E6 seconds. THE GAME, as with all great games, is not losing your cool. In gymnastics, we’d call it PSYCH.
ANYWHOOO, radius of the Universe, measured in 3-sun Schwarz. units, is E10 light-years, divided by the BH unit size of E4 meters / 3 E8 meters/sec, which is  about 0.3 E-4 light-seconds. This gives a scaled value of 3 E14 , UNIVERSE SIZE. To this I may add the ‘mystery term’, 1.15 log r, where ‘r’ is…
Soon, soon, brain is tired, so outside on a nice day to move firewood with  my Neuton electric Garden Cart wheelbaroow.










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