Steve sees also a banner, put on top by WordPress I guess, “electrons a la Kerr”, I did not write this, Whatever. I am on into Schwarzschild stuff now, tho. Remember how I say MASS AIN’T SHIT. Vastly different regimes of size are the rule here!!! One particle is open to study in colliders, etc. Avogadro’s number of atoms per gram molecular weight is 6.2 E23, ahah, remember??? THUS WITH ASTRONOMIC BODIES, there is such a large number of particles in the rock and gasses, that we get to the entirely different realm in the Einstein field equations.
IN THE PARTICLE REALM, the Schwarzschild radius which does represent mass, is invisibly tiny. The theory in the hands of Roy Kerr offers also a characteristic radius for SPIN, and in particles all there is, is ENERGY WITH ATTITUDE, like SPIN.

4 thoughts on “REGIMES in GR

  1. Could that be something you inadvertantly clicked on in the WP interface to send it to tne banner? Anyway I think it is a useful way for someone seeing your site for the first time to get oriented. It almost makes it more like a “regular” website and one can easily see a summary/statement of your work in the areas of Schwarzchile, Kerr, etc.


  2. Some time ago I had demonstrated this on my wordpress site. I’ll see if I can recall how I did this.Some type of button or option when putting together a post I think.


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