INTERVIEWER: So, Mr. Albers, from reading your various declarations, and the mathematics in your studies, I see you describe the universe as wormy, riddled with wormholes. Then, you use a Swiss cheese analog. Finally, you mix and match with the Schwarzschild metric, and walk off grinning into the sunset.
ALBERS: I would appreciate being called Master Albers. Do not blame me for the worminess, blame Burinskii. THIS IS HIS WEIRDNESS, tho I so love it. I think his accounting of energy in the external electron fields sucks bad, it is not at all defensible. MIne is gorgeous. ON THE OTHER HAND HIS UNIFICATION WITH STRING THEORY IS ABSOLUTELY GONZO, OUT OF THIS WORLD. CELEBRATE HIM AS AVATAR, HERE. Our vacuum physics clearly must yield at some energy radius, and mine is smaller by a factor of 22.5 .
Late in June I shopeed in Grocery Outlet, at their long cheese cooler section. I got to hold in my hands a 5-pound Swiss cheese, large cube plastic-wrapped, COMPLETE WITH HOLES. I grinned and laughed, yessssss. Almost ten years ago on Science Forums, on the net, I solved the integral for proper distance, mostly, and reported that black holes expelled spacetime. They do so ever more, the farther out you look!!!!!!!!!
This interview was carried out by P.I.S.S., the Publid Institute for Science and  Society..





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