I am reading Kip’s black hole stuff and he is wonderful. He does stop
short of mathematics, however. FOR INSTANCE and frevinssake, he speaks of Hawking’s quantum fields in curved spacetime. Jeeeeeezis, I need the meat and potatoes of exactly this !!! I once tried some things… Lorentz transform of the Schrødinger eq., which has on the LHS a derivative by time, a ‘dt’ in the denom., and one the RHS,  operators have spatial derivatives,  ‘dx’ s . A “wave equation” usually relates the second derivative wrt time, to that wrt space, saying basically,  F= ma , with the “ma” on the LHS. ONE DERIVATIVE IN TIME IS ALREADY DONE FOR US, courtesy of Schrødinger.
[[[ I need a little time in the sandbox. ]]] [[ I am not now speaking on FaceBook, they are being disrespectful. ]]


2 thoughts on “HAWKING’S WORK

  1. AWRIIIIIIIIGHT, my friend. Just sort of say so on your WALL at some point. It is cool if we are brief and to a point we get the LARGE FONT OF PRINT, YAHOOO… 2 lines I think.


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