I read on the mathematic constraints as we solve Einstein’s field eqs. for the Schwarzschild metric, and they are the signature of the matrix  and the sign of the determinant. Thus we are free to choose a (-) sign for the first two metric terms, those for time and radius, on the inside of the event horizon !!!  The metric quantity S= 1-2m/r is here zero, and by choosing a (-) going inward, the asymptote of 1/S is now symmetric, coming back down the pole. THIS IS A SUPERIOR FORM. We will no longer have to mumble things like “timelike intervals are spacelike and vice versa”.
I have been looking at integration of proper distance… quite a dance, and my choice of sign constitutes am algebraic ‘switch’.  goes from + to –  across an event horizon. Thinking now separately of the Kerr solution, GR seems to like math ‘switches’.




  1. XXXcellent material, I’ll be reading it. Last we checked, we had Alexander Burinskii dangling by a rope near an event horizon. . . . OK I caught one phrase, how we use this coord system. They consider metric singularities only as an aspect of coord choice… I am wrestling with this.


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