Alexander Burinskii describes the boundary of interior false vacuum physics as “very thin”, and I came to support this vision. Electrodynamically, charge and magnetic moment must be so. There is an awkward step in our General Relativity field solution, right here.The outside is the ELECTRON NEAR-FIELD, then the far-field that we experience. In Kerr’s solution, the space becomes highly oblate, close in. In such a mathematic space, we cannot uniquely do integrations, they are path-dependent.  A FEW YEARS AGO, Alexander said calmly, the interior is flat spacetime. WOW what a blockbuster, but hey !!!   We have given account for what the GR field sources needed, tho in a curious way !!  Seems there is a DISCONTINUITY, but we are telling a very good story:  vacuum hyperconductivity.
Maybe things are not so strange, at least in terms of fields, and sources. Just as I have integrated, in Kerr-space, total energy of electric fields, we can write total energy of sources. The same holds for angular momentum !!! THE FIELD HAS IT, especially close-in,  E cross B. The “mystery of sources and fields” is solved. Stunningly the sources contribute no mass/energy to the EXTERNAL SYSTEM.





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