What is sooooo cool is Alexander Burinskii’s electron SOURCE, it is out of this world, sort of. So it is in the E&M equations.

I say this because classically we can calculate the energy contained in an electric field in TWO WAYS. We may add up, or integrate over space, the square of the field, which IS ITS ENERGY DENSITY. Or, we may calc the energy implied by the source itself, WHICH MUST COME OUT THE SAME. RIGHT HERE WE PULLED A FAST ONE. E&M  says energies are not the same locally, but integrated over all space, their sums are the same, source or field. We make a choice.
When it comes to understanding MASS,  Burinskii is all strung out trying to satisfy everyone’s equations. MASS AIN’T SHIT. It is: E/ c^2, pure and simple. ENERGY WITH ATTITUDE. I speak from our discussions in email. Both he and I are running THE LONG RACE here.


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