Now I don’t know if this is new or not,  but I have stated ideas about atomic emission, and I think it just completes a nice wrapup between EM and quantum theories. Q formulations use “creation and annihilation operators” conveniently sidestepping any messy details. I need to talk with Steve Albers about focussing, since we have an extensive antenna system actually !!! We have exponentially thinning phased array antennae. Look this up in any good book with hydrogen atom solutions of the Schrødinger  equation, and write  :   a PSI2* r PSI1,  THAT’S IT, FOLKS !!! TRANSITION FROM THE <2,1,1>  state to a ground <1,0,0> . (Dipole transition). Either atomic wave state alone is stable, and has no dipole distribution of its charge The opposite is true if you combine the two. You get a ± distribution on opposing sides, rotating at the frequency proportional to the ENERGY DIFFERENCE. Bonus points if you can name the constant of proportionality. NATURE makes damn good phased arrays, sort of cotton candy.


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