LIGHT IS OF A FIELD, YOU MUST COP TO THIS. I may speak here, with one of my first 2005 studies being of a “photon wave packet”, A FINITE RADIATION. So what’n’ell am I talking about? Well, I just assumed there was a limiting envelope of charge. THIS WILL BE PRODUCED by the metal walls of a microwave chamber; IT WILL BE PRODUCED by atoms ready to emit or to radiate.
EITHER the vacuum localizes light like little bullets, or not. IF IT DID, THE DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENTS WOULD NOT BE AS THEY ARE. We record a photon event at some place on our film, or screen. WE MAY SAY NOTHING ABOUT WHERE THIS ‘photon’ WAS, A MOMENT BEFORE.

11 thoughts on “COPPING TO FIELDS…

  1. In most experiments it seems like the localization occurs only after the fields go through the slits. However I think I mentioned a reference some time ago that claims that photons still do travel in some sense.


  2. Very kewl..What do I know? STARS are very far away…”I CALL UPON THE RESTING SOUL OF GALILEO, KING OF NIGHT VISION…” THANK YOU, STEVE ALBERS……… altho at first I read much confusion, well, this is healthy. I AM IN THE RIGHT ROOM.


  3. Hell, next week we’ll talk SYNTHETIC APERTURES. I don’t know if we need to think in terms like phase of oscillation. The photon energy passes at the SOL, so any phase determining atomic absorption might be in the atomic field . Thinking analytically can be tricky here; we can scan over ‘theta’, say, but light does not take this time !!!


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