I SAY:: PSI2* r PSI1 describes the ‘cotton candy’ antenna, and the two wave functions are exponentially falling off. THIS MEANS TWO THINGS at once, they sort of fall off quickly, and they never quite do. I think the base state has a regular EXP(-r)  dependence, and the PSI2  excited state has EXP (-2r)  (?)  I’ll check my Feynman Vol. III…..“I CALL UPON THE RESTING SOUL, OF GALILEO, KING OF NIGHT VISION, KING OF INSIGHT.”  Some atom has to be RECEPTIVE… PSI2* r PSI1 describes this. My picture needs a little percolation from the vacuum to complete it, possibly, and that’s fine !!!!! Then again, write in the time dependency of the wave ‘fungshungs’. (HINT: E/h-bar) ( x i t , it’s usually  EXP(i E/h t) .   Maybe this is what must be right in phase with the passing photon field energy. IF GOD PLAYS DICE, IT IS WITH HONEST CUBES, not loaded.




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