After reading on EM drive and quantum thrusters, I emailed Puthoff.  I AM DELIGHTED, HAL OFFERS A PAPER, whose appendix explains why a “hidden” effect makes this not work… We are having good laughs. and I  send:

To: Puthoff@aol.com
FLYING DEVICES. ::: On FaceBook someone got what  looked like Indonesian
folks, lighting fireworks under a built-up wood platform.  6 or 8
rockets per side. With a good show of smoke this sucker rose up and
started twisting slowly. It rose, and rose and rose out of sight, certianly about 1500 feet, with a gorgeous braid of smoke.
To: puthoff <puthoff@aol.com>
E cross B???  This sounds so simple…. I know the details are not.

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