I feel this is what I have done mathematically in electron near-fields. I still have to plug in electron masses, to set the inner limit of fields, so I don’t yet feel like a PHYSICIST. WHY IS IT HERE at this energy level ??  Vacuum physics, and false vacuum physics, declare it is so. PLANCK’S CONSTANT is staring us in the face.
The Albers-Kerr energy radius comes about  in several steps.   After writing the field forms we are faced with an arbitrary constant multiplying both added components. In this raw form things are quite awkward. If we let go of the inner limit of integration, realizing this is certainly not a classical situation,  suddenly a balanced approach becomes possible !! So it went… In the DKS fields, you will see the strange null point ON THE CENTER SPIN AXIS. My algebra puts it ON THE EQUATOR. TINKER BELL LIVES in my heart anyway.



  1. Am I bitching too much? We do have the GR Kerr radius in fundamental constants. We also have the fine structrure constant. Multiplied, they yield the classical radius. Hmmmm…


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