Math of an event horizon is not distinguishable from dielectric runaway, if polarizability rises to a value of 3 !!!!! I noted this in my 2006 study, on Gravitation and Vacuum Polarizability. GR eqs can be equally well interpreted in this way. We always write c^2, yah?? Speed of light is the square root of epsilon-nought times mu-nought, and I treat “magnetic permeability” as just another manifestation, via Lorentz, of electric permittivity.THE STUDY… of Double-Duty Dipole Dip. It is sort of like phlogiston, only it is LORENTZ INVARIANT, and it replaces stocks of Magic Mystery Monopole Goop, with which we formerly mystified ourselves. When we finally reached him for comment, Norm said, “The guys in the shop said it wasn’t no good anyhow, sorta like a butt-joint in hardwood.”


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