Last year I had a vivid dream of Albert lecturing at Princeton. Afterward I walked up, and said, Doctor, with Roy Kerr’s addition of an imaginary offset, the rules of divergence are changed. I think you will like my solution !!!!  He answered, this evening I am busy, but can you come tomorrow morning?  Yes,  I said, at 10. 15871815_1865612207057628_4478300391244195649_n


2 thoughts on “DREAMS

  1. WHEN I DIE, you may say I have gone to keep my appointment with Albert.
    I shared with a younger friend, a very intelligent fellow: I actually feel complete. All these years of going crazy, working whenever I could, I knew I did not know. My thesis on Kerr electron near-fields stands, and there are 2 on the table. Cheers !!!!!


  2. Possibly if one considers a radius nearing Schwarzschild dimensions, there is also anisotropy. This is however, a non-physically small realm !!! The theory seems to spit out a KERR RADIUS, which is a property of the vacuum. SPIN utterly changes the geometry of our little points of origin.


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