INVARIANCE  Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 6:12 AM
To: Steven Albers <scalbers@webtv.net>
What trail do we follow for energy density?? Are you calcking it in
Kerr, then applying the g’s? Or is the program just looking in
Cartesian ??? Coupla weeks ago I wrote to Burinskii, and only lately have I really gained command of our path into COMPLEXIFICATION. Note where I say, here is a good point to make coordinate transform AHAH. pssssssssssst
Are we calcking, calcing, calc-ing ¿¿¿ Sounds like cake topping, we’ll have to come up with a dessert at the Quantum Café. How I would love to hear Roy Kerr’s opinions here. I say the DKS effort is mistaken; his name is the ‘K’:  1969, Debnye, Kerr, and Schild authors.


One thought on “EFFORTS

  1. I think we did not transform precisely the electric fields from Kerr representation. It was easy to take their relative angle, a tangent, and lift that into Cartesian space. Steve then intelligently but I think arbitrarily set the step size. TAKE IT, STEVE…………


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