TETRAD MATHEMATICS is a further way of walking. I will learn it. Then either I will tear hell out of Burinskii’s approach, or withdraw my own!!!
>>NEWS FLASH<<: a nice answer from Alexander:  “In my old paper 1974,  I showed that  \grad e/(r + ia cos) gives Kerr-Newman EM field with curl corresponding to magnetic field. Scalar potential \grad e/(r + ia cos)  is a scalar part of the vector potential, it is vector potential in a special gauge. If you take the Kerr-Newman vector potential and replace e —> ie , you get field of  a (rotating) magnetic monopole. More general, there is a `duality rotation’ e—> e^{i\phi } e  = e sin \phi + i e cos \phi , which gives a mixture of the electrically and magnetically charged KN solution. It analog of the phase rotation in the plane EM wave.
This solution is very interesting since can describe a traveling wave along the Kerr   singular ring, which is the source of zitterbewegung of electron and origin of de Broglie wave in the Kerr- electron model.



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