Ten years ago, someone on a forum asked me, DO YOU UNDERSTAND RELATIVITY?? Wow……… I sez, I first really worked with it 40 years ago, programming momentum transforms to center-of-mass relativistic coordinates, Collision angles are folded forward. I have kept working at deeper and deeper levels, OH YEAH. So what’s with this speed-of-light thing?? IT ALL WORKS IF YOU LET GO AND ACCEPT WE ARE BEINGS OF LIGHT.
I have worked long and intensively with Einstein’s gifts in General Relativity. ALSO YOU MUST ACCEPT THE RELATIVITY OF OUR EXPERIENCE, MEASUREMENT OF THE VACUUM CHARACTERISTICS. THIS is sort of stupidly simple and yet most folks have not yet seen it.. Back in 2006  I put forth my good study of GRAVITATION AND VACUUM POLARIZABILITY.
I see gravitation yes. We cannot distinguish an interpretation of the GR Schwarzschild metric, say, as changes in EPSILON-NOUGHT, the electric permittivity of the vacuum.
Einstein bids us to write c^2, or c-squared.  In  place of ‘c’ we may just as well write the inverse of EPSILON-NOUGHT.
EVENT HORIZONS ARE NOT DISTINGUISHABLE FROM dielectric runaway in semiconductors extremely doped. This is a way cool fact of both theories. IF EPS-0 goes up to three times the vacuum value “in the far”, forget it, MELTDOWN.
Typically semiconductors have a permittivity of 1.3+, some such lower range…

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