In the far-field, and meso field of Kerr geometry, my lines and density are nondescript and this is good. In their field, the DKS shows strong quadrupole moment I think, with their dark Tinker Bell point on the Spin axis, out at Kerr r = 1. That seems to be the import of their  point on the SPIN axis, out in the vacuum. Y’all can see this.  I have not approached mechanics of scattering yet. We can see polar field variations AT THE SCALE OF KERR’S AM RADIUS, which is E-13 meters. This is the wavelength of a photon of “just” 10 MEV ????? Wouldn’t it be way kewl if experimental evidence blows Burinskii’s field “out of the water” ?????

Screen shot 2016-11-20 at 8.56.48 AM.png


One thought on “FAR FIELD

  1. IF SOMEONE IS USING THE DKS FIELDS TO MAKE THIS STATEMENT, THEY ARE DOOMED; i looked up electron quadrupole moment, on GOOGLE: From a GOOGLE ref on electron q-pole moments…
    Is there a published upper limit on the electron’s electric quadrupole moment? up vote 7
    down vote favorite 2
    “” I understand an electric quadrupole moment is forbidden in the
    standard electron theory. In this paper considering general
    relativistic corrections (Kerr-Newman metric around the electron),
    however, there is a claim that it could be on the order of Q=−124eb
    . That seems crazy large to me, but I can’t find any published upper
    limits to refute it. Surely someone has tested this? Maybe it’s hidden
    in some dipole moment data? If not, is anyone planning to measure it? “”
    ‘Just looking at the pics’ seems like the DKS fields have a strong
    quadrupole moment, and mine do not !!! (To Steve; c.c. Alexander Burinskii )


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