I give up on Alexander Burinskii’s intransigence:
“DKS notations. Work in differential forms.”
‘I work in field calculus.’ We are not to share much more in this lifetime. I retreat to the wisdom of Max Planck:  A NEW THEORY IS NOT ACCEPTED BECAUSE ITS OPPONENTS ARE PERSUADED AND SEE THE LIGHT. IT IS ACCEPTED RATHER BECAUSE THEY DIE OUT, AND A NEW GENERATION GROWS WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH IT.  Selah………
Chandrasekar knew this. As a young man he engaged the old great master Arthur Eddington, and was not emotionally prepared for such a titanic struggle. I read about this in maybe Kip Thorne’s great book on Black Holes and Time Warps, For a handful of years, I harbored a ‘tude against Eddington. THEN I LEARNED HIS CONTRIBUTION TO WHAT I HAVE DEALT WITH, namely a mathematic transform of the Schwarzschild solution, into a form which can easily be generalized to include SPIN. THIS WAS ONLY DONE  40 years later in 1963, by Roy Kerr.


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