I awake to two emails from Alexander Burinskii:
“The result is not low? In fact it is infinity!
Numerical integration done in PRD about 2002 (four authors) sows that
total energy of the external Kerr-Newman field integrated from
r_e = e^2/m to infinity is exactly equal to m,
just as it is for spherical electron
(here r_e is the Kerr spheroidal coordinate equal to classical radius of electron).”
‘I fail to see what a classical energy radius has to do here !!’
I give credit for some typo of misunderstanding, for his word “infinity”. Now I am satisfied, we are talking. Furthermore I say:  ‘When I integrate energy density of the DKS fields, they develope too many factors of 1/2 from the orders of (r^2 + cos^2) in the denominator.’ ‘You will need to show me some difference in using the K-N metric, as opposed to my answers in Kerr metric geometry.’


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