My analysis shows I sequestered the Tinker Bell point even better than
I thought. Both field components go to zero only at the equatorial
approach to the ring, at the innermost ENERGY RADIUS.  [to Burinskii]
Also: The only way I can possibly imagine for us both to be right, is if the
Kerr-Newman metric affects these results of integrations into the
energy radius. I WORK IN KERR METRIC.
The Kerr metric has an important off-diagonal term, the g_03, but it contains ‘m’, the Schwarzschild radius, which is reeeeeeeally small. I figure to leave it out, AND THE SAME WITH NEWMAN’S inclusion of an electric term which is 10 orders of magnitude smaller than ANGULAR MOMENTUM RADIUS of Kerr.

Yes folks, GENERAL RELATIVITY  gives us MAJICK FAERIE RINGS at about E-13 meters, in the vacuum, caused by SPIN.


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