Unto my oh brother Steve:  GIVE ME THE ALBERS FIELDS, WITH COLOR ACCURATELY INDICATING TOTAL FIELD ENERGY INTENSITY.  He is doing the polar ‘interior’ parts of the DKS fields, about which I don’t give a damn. . . . . .  At the circle of Cartesian radius, in Kerr coords, radially r^2 = cos^2   and tangentially, out near radius of 1, the field is significant………… I just sent this last statement, along with Steve’s plot, to Burinskii.



9 thoughts on “SHOWING COLORS

  1. Sorry, but I only log into my home computer on an occasional basis. You may wish to note that my email from 10/30 had both DKS and Albers field links?

    The values of the color fields should be more or less evident in the color bars at the bottom.


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