Poking at Steve, I get at last that he calcs the color intensity in Kerr coords, which is not right in near-fields !!!   My apologies, and we will soon have all this RIGHT. I emailed Burinskii. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE SQUARE ROOT OF -D, the determinant of the Kerr transform.
I am confused but working at it. On one hand, scalars are invariant.
However we are looking at ENERGY per UNIT VOLUME.  Energy is the


One thought on “GETTING IT RIGHT

  1. Right now I feel stupid and slow, as I can’t see this all the way thru. I can say magnitude of any radial vector, if you start with a covariant form as do the DK fields, is E_r E^r, which is the square of the covariant form, times g^rr. IN KERR, THIS IS (r^2+1)/(r^2 +cos^2).


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