Steve, with your parametric approach, can’t you just sorta start anywhere ??  Just start SOMPLACE in the weird inner region and do a few, we’ll figure out how MAP A LOCUS. [[[We, Kimosabe ???]]]  Alexander notes the absence of lines in this region, and I note the presence of color. ‘Tis a bit of a whodunnit. . . . . . . . .   UH-OH hold the presses !!!  You must tell me how your program calcs color. We have the field intensities IN KERR SPACE COORDS,  and you cannot look at CARTESIAN DENSITIES saying like dr,  r d’theta’,  r sin’theta’ d’phi… YOU MUST INCLUDE THE METRIC TERM for Kerr.  Do you see my problem here ??? THIS IS IMPORTANT;  on the other hand, if it just senses line density IN CARTESIAN SPACE, then we are OK, yah??? You must scale the color, and by what parameters?????


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