I like what I said a little while ago to Steve. Geometry at the SPIN pole is locally not much distorted, but out at the ring edge things are highly compressed. REWIND, to a gedanken I loosed on a forum:  from a far orbit around some black hole, lower a probe to near the event horizon. HOW MUCH ROPE WILL YOU NEED???  I figured the integral from some far point, inward, of PROPER DISTANCE, and the answer is really cool. In your coordinate space, the distance seems like such and such, but you will need more rope equal to the SCHWARZSCHILD RADIUS.  It is if the space inside was squeezed out.
This is surely no black hole and no event horizon BUT IT IS AN ENERGY HORIZON OF SOME SORT, and here, speak with BURINSKII. SPIN ‘maxes out’ the vacuum.
WORMHOLES… are FOREVER. In the inimitable words of Piotr Rumenov Todorov, “We may never know how disgusting the universe really is!!!”


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