If I am correct in my field proposition, the electron field energy radius is 22.5 times smaller than the classical value. I arranged to have strength in the tangential component which varies as (the square of) sin(theta)cos(theta)  and this integrates like 1/3 – 1/5. Just write the sin^2 as 1 – cos^2, and you get two terms, cos^2 – cos^4. INTEGRATE, ahah !! There is also a factor of 1/3 introduced somehow.
I seek to reassure Steve that we have good plots and I want to see the DKS fields near the ring edge. Burinskii recently professed this is all he is interested in, so I will continue to make fun of his “Tinker Bell fields”. He has utterly failed to relate to my integral calculus on the tensor fields, and this sucks.



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