Folks, do not tolerate any mysteries, since some are just our ignorance. There is mystery enough… I am hearing Pete Oppenheimer, brother of Robert, who as a professor in Portland, said, A GOOD SCIENTIST IS NEVER WRONG. There are just dimensions to the problem not yet seen.
Physics of energy in the “vacuum” , is surely ONE. I see General Relativity as a marvelous native guide. We have been over many countless miles of terrains. Now we have climbed up into the mountains, up to the high divide. Our guide says, here I must leave you. Your physics must change. Alexander Burinskii said to me blithely, inside is a flat spacetime. OK, kewlness reigns, even in 11 dimensions. I do not yet know what they are doing here, and don’t need to, for my thesis on the innermost fields of our external vacuum. I move forth with an accepting mind, since we have answered GR’s need for a SOURCE of charge and current. Once inside, if GR is applicable, sure, there is no more source.
urinskii actually gave me one of the greatest presents of my life. He is presenting electric charge as a manifestation of the boundary layer of the false vacuum. I came at him saying, yes but any current loop has a magnetic field penetrating its center !!! He comes back with, ahah, but this is a superconducting layer !!! WHAT A COOL ANSWER, cuz any self-respecting superconductor cancels magnetic fields…. the implications are staggering. I call this ‘vacuum hyperconductivity’.
HONK if you know why I say ‘staggering’.



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