In the bottom blow-up, we can see two strings, caught in action ¡¡¡  ]]This makes  me giggle. I suggested to Steve that he draw in something………………..]] One looped, the other not…. smart huh, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Way back in 2008, on Science Forums I railed, LET US GIVE THESE STRING THEORISTS SOMETHING USEFUL TO DO !! In fact when I look at physics inside the event horizon of a black hole, I see the collapse of one dimension. There are only two active dimensions. In this particle realm, Alexander Burinskii has thrown them a lifeline. Here, in General Relativity, the term for MASS is verrrrrrry small, E-56 meters. SPIN RULES, and only in 1963 did Roy Kerr find his solution, with which I have worked.
If anyone gets any beam time on a TEVATRON synchrotron, let me know. We need polarized x-ray beam… in the accelerator, they wiggle the beam and it spits out Bremsstrahlung radiation, on a tangent, to an experiment station. In 1970 I did night shift in the data shack at the Brookhaven 3 GEV beam, for our experiment from Princeton.




3 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD… from the DREAMTIME

  1. Steve Albers is also professionally an astronomer, and we banter over LIGHT as a field and as quantum… “”I still say we oughtta be able to state photon absorption as a
    negative radiation event. We do this in quantum theory, right?”
    I always hated infinite planewaves… yet lightwaves are pretty short of wavelength. After like ten guzillion wavelengths, at any observing point, they are pretty well flat… hmmmmmmmmmm. In quantum theory we have CREATION and ANNIHILATION operators……..
    My overarching sense is that only massive particles create quantization. Quantum theory treats the vacuum itself as a “quantum oscillator”, and I wonder… I started thinking back in 2005 upon completing my study on localized wave packets. WE ARE ATOMS AND SEE ONLY QUANTA… If a coin-operated machine takes quarters, smaller change will just pass on thru.


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