In 2005 I completed my electron model, with a centralized charge cloud going as
(1/r) EXP(-r).   Oddly enough, since I mentioned this at the start of one study, Burinskii commented, he liked this.
So given a CHARGE CLOUD, what might it BE????   Magic Mystery Monopole
Goop? Well, it could also be DOUBLE DUTY DIPOLE DIP.   We realize charge
density IN THE FIELD, as E , yah??  If there is a polarizable
medium (!!!!!!!)  it will give  -DEL dot P as charge density. WOW,
WOW, WOW, Burinskii did this, sort of.  FOLLOW THE DANCING DIPOLES.



  1. Every step of this very long journey, I have been ridiculed. In one of my early public exposures, I was getting a hard time on Science Forums . net. In MATHEMATICS, a senior figure named ATHEIST, posted, warning everyone to back off !!! If anyone can contact him there, please thank him for me.


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