In the very last chapter of  LECTURES ON PHYSICS, Richard Feynman lays out superconductivity. Given a source medium describable in terms of density and such, it’s perfect response to stimulation yields wave behavior whose equations match entirely, the HYDRODYNAMIC EQUATIONS OF FLUID FLOW, taken with no friction. These are like in water, NOT COMPRESSIBLE. This is third year class for an Aero Engineering major. Fourth year is compressible fluid flow, AHHHHHHHH. OK. the hydrodynamic equations perfectly describe motions in a superconducting medium.
Alexander Burinskii theorizes the false vacuum, inside the HIGH ENERGY DENSITY RADIUS, manifests this outer superconducitng layer of charge, moving at the speed of light [!!!] and thus current. I asked him a coupla years ago, any loop of current, like my wires wrapped around nails as a kid, has a BAR MAGNET FIELD, inside and out. AH, he explained, like any self-respecting superconductor, this one EXCLUDES THE MAGNETIC FIELD which it forms on the outer surface.
HOLY MOLIES, I asked, is there then a cancelling current?
YES, THERE IS A POSITIVE CURRENT JUST UNDERNEATH THE OUTER LAYER, cancelling fields inside. WOW. A layer of “negative charge” whatever that is, spinning, and another layer of positive charge, spinning the same way. This is ….. cool. I mean it is stooooopidly cool, because back in 2006 I was answering to the analytics of my own electron model, saying well, DIPOLES COULD ACCOUNT FOR THIS, if there was a mechanism they were so arranged. WOW, wow, wow, owwwwwwwww. Each layer contributes to the particle’s angular momentum…


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