“Total energy cannot be described shortly. It was described in my paper (+ three authors Elisalde, Hildebrandt and Magly, PhysRevD about 2000), and I give it now in the attachment. I never interested in the inertial mass and I have nothing to say about it.”
‘I have altered successfully, the radial dependencies, keeping zero divergence.’
YEEEEEEEEA-HAAAAAAAAAAA I have already sent him all my work and thoughts. “For my bag English I don’t understand absolutely what you speak about –‘ but also your SPIN AXIS has the TINKER BELL point. I moved it, and this IS OUR DIFFERENCE.’
“What is the TINKER BELL point? What you moved ?
He is fucking clueless, and I have better things to do. It is just as well if he dwells in his mysteries about MASS. I have nailed it.
‘It is just as welll you are clueless; the rest of the world seems to
be appreciating my clues.’


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