Steve and I are working hard. IN HIS LATEST EMAIL, I SEE THE MESO-FIELD BENDING but no very near curls.


3 thoughts on “working

  1. Yes and by the way, maybe I should have combined the actual field lines with the earlier color plot. Unsure if you care to see such a combined plot. That saves me time, since we can both see the maximum of what we like with one plot.

    Now to hopefully contribute something that is useful of your time, I can observe that some of the field lines bend enough to terminate due to the “curving back outbound” rule. This happens prior to reaching the r=k cutoff.


    • I don’t yet know what you are saying here. I’ll figure a few more lines myself, as I did starting at x=0.1 which is 1/10 of a radian. I plotted that line of field, and the one at half that x. I will do what I must.


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