Analysis shows me that rather than an orangey lobe of relative intensity as we celebrated in Steve Albers’ plot, my fields show not much asymmetry in the meso-scale, near the Kerr radius where r=a=1. HOWEVER, go inward and at some point to be sure, the 45-degree line vicinities are quite strong.  I have no evidence of good representation in his coding, at this point. THE MATHEMATICS SPAWNED BY KERR routinely makes me look stupid. I have worked with it seven years.
In fact I may have just made a NEW MISTAKE. I am indeed thinking in the Kerr frame. this is appropriate dealing with electric field components.  THEY SHOW NO MESO-FIELD anisotropies,  but transformed back TO CARTESIAN, WILL SHOW THE POLAR BUNCHING. I may have to reverse this prediction !!! It’s a matter of keeping track of yer frame of reference, uh-huh.







3 thoughts on “PREDICTION

  1. And indeed the locus of points where the Kerr radius is 1 does seem to have a consistent value of field strength. Things as you note look more elliptical in Cartesian space, until we get farther out.

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