Along with Steve, on two of them, we have almost completed our study on cosmology, and I have composed much of a 3-paper series on my electron physics, complete with Steve’s plots !!Screen shot 2017-08-15 at 5.11.31 AM


I am but an old gardener and sawyer, and retired piano technician, and long-retired physicist.   I only want to get on the table of public discussion the far-field of the Schwarzschild metric. We need to Keep It Simple, Stupid.


This gets pretty nutsoh.  We have numbers on black holes expanding space, and you say a galaxy like ours has a thousand times more visible stuff.  We can calc for this dustball the same way, only our inner limit of concern will be the galaxy radius, yah??? Holy molies, this lower limit term will cut our first result in half maybe, but then times a thousand ????????????? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


With my brother Steve, we have a paper to submit on cosmology and ‘dark energy’.  I have been composing the first of 3 papers on my electron theory, which is highly successful. The first is almost finished, detailing the non-uniqueness of integrability in curved spaces. The second will show my fields as rendered by Steve Albers, and the third will present calcs on field angular momentum, as in Feynman Lectures, Vol. II, chapter 28. GOOGLE sucks for poor support of Apple, on its GOOGLE docs.



What a terrible tease !!  The third indication of elephants in our living room, is the cosmologic inflation.  I do have Alan Guth’s book. It seems right off the bat a lot of what was went down the tubes. We were left with an even sprinkling of black holes. This could be analogous to an iceberg freezing from fresh water.   Its phase change makes most of it submerge in water, but some is left above.
I had been rambling with Steve. We knew the first generation of stars was from hydrogen and helium, all that was around then. We knew it took their thermonuclear cookery upon demise, to fuse together larger nuclei, the METALS, as they’re called. This is why I recited, last week, the second row in the PERIODIC TABLE. This is way fun.