DUST….    is where, God, cosmology, and Norm start working.  I have Burinskii in a very tight corner,  I’d rather be talking shop.



Hot on the wires to Burinskii:  “I have achieved a good approximate integration of your DKS  electron near-fields, and as I predicted from analysis, the answer is many times too large. You should acknowledge my work.” He was upset by such large numbers, haaaaaa. A note to Alexander:

“You should able to see that the first square yields about the expected total !!!   I say this, knowing that we have two orders of alpha cancelling out, leaving two on the bottom, b ut up top the square size, or drdc, is 0.01…”


I find the U.S. Journal of Mathematical Physics people not comprehensible.  I am
” Schrødinger Norm”:  on the one hand I have deep joy and wonderful dreams. On the other hand, I have no dreams.  The Russians at PEPAN are reading me still.